Poetry Post #1: Corporate Lust

You’ve turned sanctuary into hell
And I can’t just grin and bear it
The smells are not what they are
And have lost what they were
Besieged pleasures cemented in mud
The green eyes have taken over
And tell us to put our hearts away—
Away in jars, shelved and collecting dust
Paper for paper—Corporate lust


Prose Post #2: Intimate Reading

This is a prose piece I did a couple of months back.

If there’s one thing I know, people don’t take their reading seriously. With Kindles and Nooks, you can’t feel the pages. Click. Swipe. Where is the intimacy? Take a whiff of your Kindle. I bet it smells like your Dorito-stained fingers. Take a book and thrust it upon your nose like a lover. Feel the letters as if they are written in Braille. If it’s leather-bound, you’ve hit the jackpot. Pages, yellow as a pirate’s teeth. Like, just marry it already! Marry the ideas turning around in your head until your brain is over capacity. Marry the magic.