This a beautiful prose piece from a book I’m currently reading. These words are not my own.

lang leav lullabies

“I am somebody else’s story. The girl who served their drink, the person they pushed past on a crowded street, the one who broke their heart. I have happened in so many places, to so many people—the essence of me lives on in these nuances, these moments. Yet never have I been bolder or brighter than I am with you. Not once have I ever felt so alive. Whatever vessel we pour ourselves into, mine is now overflowing, brimming with life. It is transcending into something new. Hands are no longer hands. They are caresses. Mouths are no longer mouths. They are kisses. My name is no longer a name, it is a call. And love is no longer love—love is you.”

— Lang Leav, Lullabies


Poetry Post #2: Electric Bill

You excel at commanding the room
and taking me for a ride
These blue waves shake my whole world
turning me blind
Don’t fix my hair
It’s exactly how it should be—
placed to hide my secret
But maybe they already see—
how I fall and you watch me fly
You came in threes
then stopped paying for my electric bill
Six years gone
and I still haven’t made it to shore